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Moonlight Catering is pleased to be going into our 18th year in business as of May 2018. Chef John has 40 years experience in restaurants, pubs & catering in the Greater Victoria area. Hire a Chef for the Evening for your next event. Moonlight Catering offers a wide range of menus and services: Weddings, Buffets, Office Staff Parties, Appetizer Trays & Baskets, Hot & Cold Hors D'oeuvres as well as several BBQ Buffet menus. Using fresh local Vancouver Island products when ever possible.

specail menus
Roasted Prime Rib with Dijon Mustard Crust

[8 servings].

4-1/2 to 5 lb. Prime Rib 
1/2cup Dijon Mustard
1/4 cup Worchestishire

2 fresh garlic cloves

seasoning salt

fresh ground salt

fresh ground pepper

1 liter beef broth


1. Prep Prime Rib Roast  by

 placing in roasting pan with

 the prime rib bone side


2. First cut garlic cloves 

 into thin slices with small

 paring knife. With small

 paring knife make small

 random cuts in top of prime

 rib & insert garlic glove

 slivers. Next spread the

 Dijon Mustard evenly over

 the top & side of the prime

 rib. Sprinkle generously

 with 1/4 cup Worchesrishire

 then add seasoning salt,

 fresh cracked pepper &

 fresh carcked salt.


3. Preheat Oven to 400  &

 cook prime rib on middle

 rack for 20 minute to help

 develope the out side crust.

 Reduce oven heat to 325

 &  cook for 25 minutes per

 lb. of meat. Check internal

 tempeture with meat

 thermometor to 120 - 125

 degrees. Remove Prime

 Rib for oven & place on

 baking sheet & cover with

 tin foil. Let roast rest for

 15-20 minutes. [this allows

 the natural juices to settle

 in the roast before carving]

4. With roating pan on stove

 top at medium heat, add

 beef broth. Stir beef broth

 with wisk to scrape all the

 flavour off of the bottom of

 the roasting pan. Serve as

 beef au jus or thicken with a

 roux to form a pan gravy.

5. Carve genrous cuts of 

 Prime Rib for your guests.

 Thin cut for bone off or

 thick cuts for bone in .

great food great presentations

 6.Serve with oven roasted or mashed  

    potaoes & your favourite vegetables.